World Cup Life-Time Achievement Award

Arabian Breeders World Cup Perpetual Trophy
Donated by Judy and Kim Nordquist

"The Lifetime Achievement Award is another highlight - I always forget just how beautiful that trophy is until I see it again each April. Amazing - thank you for your generosity... Thanks again for lending us your immense talents - we are so glad to have you involved." Scott Benjamin

The Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance extends sincere gratitude to world renowned artists, Judy and Kim Nordquist who crafted the Championship & Lifetime Achievement trophies for the 2009 Arabian Breeder World Cup this April in Las Vegas. The AHBA was honored to offer such stunning and distinctive awards, so perfectly reflective of the magnificent champions to which they were presented.



2009 Life Time Achievement Award
Presented to Dr. Hans Nagel Katharinenhof Stud

"Photo coming soon"


2008 Life Time Achievement Award
Wayne Newton Presenting the Award to
Donald and Judith Forbis
Ansata Arabian Stud
at the Las Vegas World Cup Show


2007 Inaugural Life Time Achievement Award
Presented to Mr. Wayne Newton
at the Las Vegas World Cup Show

Photos by Stuart Vesty Photography