Enlarging the Escape Portrait Bronze to a Life-size Bronze

Bronze photo courtesy of Michael Delcore

Escape Ibn Navarrone - D

Life-Size Bronze Sculpture
Unveiled January, 2009 at Ajman Stud

Commissioned by Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi
Ajman Stud, United Arab Emirates


Approximately a year and a half was required to sculpt

 the 1/5 life size scale model bronze of Escape

 and enlarge it to the life size!

The photos below show stages of the enlargement process

Reference Photo with permission from Scott Trees

Original 1/5 Life-Size clay model
6 months to sculpt

Judy and Kim work from the photos and measurements

of Escape to create the 1/5 Life-Size sculpture in clay.

Finished 1/5 Life-Size Bronze

Foundry time 3 months to cast

Foam enlargement process -- 4 weeks

A mold is made of the 1/5 Life-Size clay model. A wax is poured and cut into sections. A laser scans each section which is enlarged with a CAD program. Then the blue foam model is milled into sections. The blue foam sections are glued together in preparation for the artist to add the clay.

Sculpting Life-Size clay -- 4-5 months

It takes days of carving into the foam to redefine the detail of the foam model. Then months of adding the clay to the foam model to sculpt the details of the muscles, tendons, and facial features.

Finished clay of the Life-Size Escape ready for the mold process.

Mold making -- 8 weeks

The clay sculpture is cut into 40 different sections for molding. Rubber is painted on the clay sculpture and then coated with plaster of Paris for support.

Foundry process to cast bronze -- 8-10 weeks

Plaster of Paris molds

Dipping the waxes into the ceramic shell mixture.

Pouring wax into the Plaster of Paris molds

Cleaning seam lines of the waxes

Drying the ceramic shells

Lost Wax Process - Ceramic shells are put into the kiln to melt out the wax. This also preheats the ceramic shell before the molten bronze is poured in to prevent the ceramic shell from cracking from the extreme temperature.

Bronze Ingots

Gas fired crucible heats the bronze ingots to 2000 degrees

Pouring the molten bronze into the ceramic shells

Breaking the ceramic shell away from the cold bronze

51 bronze metal panels and parts are now now welded together.

400# of Stainless steel were welded inside the bronze legs and barrel for structural support.

Grinding the weld lines of the bronze to recreate the texture of the original clay sculpture

Bronze Patina -- 1 week

The bronze is sand blasted to prepare the surface for the patina. Specific chemicals are used to obtain the variation in coloring on the finished bronze. The chemicals are sprayed on at the same time the bronze is heated with a propane torch to heat the metal to the proper temperature

Building the crate for shipment to Sheikh Ammar in Ajman, U.A.E

Bronze photo courtesy of Gigi Grasso

Bronze photo courtesy of Gigi Grasso

Bronze photo courtesy of Michael Delcore

Bronze photo courtesy of Gigi Grasso

Trivia about the production of the Escape Life-Size Bronze
Length of horse: 9 feet
Height from base to top of horse head: 7 ft 6 inches
Height of withers of horse: 15.3 hands

Weight: 1300# total weight
The Life-size bronze horse 900#
400# of stainless steel structure is inside the horse and base

Crate and Bronze weight: 2323.67 #

150" (381 cm) long x 48" (121.92 cm) wide x 100" (254 cm) high