Equine Jewelry

............................................................................................"Antiquity" necklace - photo by Scott Trees

Limited Artwear Editions by Kim Nordquist is an exclusive collection of signed and numbered limited edition jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is a meticulously hand-sculptured wearable work of art to be enjoyed as adornment. As a medium of self-expression, these pieces can be viewed as a source of beauty and inspiration.

Each of Kim’s designs are hand-sculpted original works of art, with special attention given to every detail. Her jewelry designs are unique in that they are actually works of art. Rather than a static study of the subject, Kim’s special flair captures the life and presence of her spirited equine subjects creating an heirloom to be treasured for generations.


Spirit From Within


Desert prize Bracelet
14 karat gold
Passion of Fire Pin/ Pendant
14 karat gold

Cavalier Chain Bracelet 14 karat gold

Exuberance Pendant
14 karat gold
Wind Swept Earrings 14 karat gold
Matar Pendant
14 karat gold

Fine jewelry exhibiting grace and magnificence created by Kim Nordquist are found in the prestigious collections of individuals throughout the world. Her limited edition jewelry are collected by Horse Admirers Internationally as well as the serious collector of fine jewelry. She has completed commissioned portraits of special distinguished horses and specific exclusive designs requested by her patrons. Kim’s jewelry displayed in the Pyramid Society Auctions have brought exceptional impressive prices.

Kim has traveled to the Middle East and Morocco researching the history of the Arabian horse and is now one of the most noted premier equestrian jewelers to be found.

In addition to her jewelry collection, Kim also has available a collection of limited edition bronze sculptures, some of which are in the collection of His Majesty King Hassan II of Morocco.

Desert Prize Pin/Pendant
14 karat gold w/ diamonds
Antiquity Earrings
14 karat gold

Fantasia Earrings
14 karat gold
Exquisite Pendant
14 karat gold

Desert Prize Pendant 14 karat gold w/ diamonds

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