Bronze Creation

Elegance Capturing the elegance and style of the Classic Arabian horse   Edition of 75    11 5/8” H x 9” L x 4½” W (29.53 cm H x 22.86 cm L x 11.43 cm W)      
Turismo Portrait Bronze
Turismo Portrait Bronze  Turismo 1/5 Life-size Portrait Bronze "Judy--my friend, Somehow you have magically caught the essence of Turismo in a fleeting moment of time. His beauty and joy of life is forever preserved in this incredible bronze. Thank you and your daughter, Kim, for sharing with me your talent and your love of The Arabian Horse.  I will cherish Turismo's reflection always!" Sincerely, Merrilee Lyons Silver Stag Arabians LLC            
Spring Wind - Proposed Life-size bronze
Spring Wind - Proposed Life-size bronze   Life-Size Bronze Filly and Colt Filly and Colt playing in the spring breeze! Ignoring the colt’s playful antics, the filly tips her head up and flips her tail      6 1/2’ H x 5’ L x 45” W  (198.12 cm H x 152.4 cm x 114.3 cm W)   Collectors Limited Edition of 15